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deferred class NATIVE_ARRAY_COLLECTOR [E_]
Very low level class to tune some aspects of the garbage collector. Actually, NATIVE_ARRAY_COLLECTOR is useful only for classes using attribute(s) of type NATIVE_ARRAY and must be used only by expert people. This is very low level and the goal is to achieve the very best performances.
A class with attribute(s) of type NATIVE_ARRAY can insert NATIVE_ARRAY_COLLECTOR in order to define its own specialized mark phase of the garbage collector. Actually, as soon as the NATIVE_ARRAY_COLLECTOR class is inserted, all attributes of type NATIVE_ARRAY are ignored during the marking phase. Other attributes which are not of type NATIVE_ARRAY are treated normally. The class which inserts NATIVE_ARRAY_COLLECTOR must implement its own specialized mark_native_arrays in order to mark only reachable slots of its NATIVE_ARRAY(s). Be very careful when you decide to use this class: do not forget to mark all reachable slots!
When there is nothing to mark in the actual type E_ (i.e. when E_ is a plain expanded object with no embedded references), the mark_native_arrays is not called at all.
See classes ARRAY, FAST_ARRAY or RING_ARRAY for examples.
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deferred procedure
This routine is magically called by the garbage collector.
This routine is supposed to mark only reachable slots for all attributes of type NATIVE_ARRAY by using the mark_item built_in.
mark_item (native_array: NATIVE_ARRAY[E_], index: INTEGER_32)
To be used _only_ inside the definition of mark_native_arrays.
Forces the garbage collector to continue the marking process on the index-th element of the native_array. The element at index can be Void or not Void (the Void-ness test performed inside the mark_item itself).